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First Rate Annual Lawn Care Programs

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Setting up an annual lawn care program is the key to helping a lawn grow its best.  Following a program is sort of like keeping your car operating at peak performance by adhering to the maintenance schedule prescribed in the owner's manual. 

An annual lawn care program takes into consideration the fertilizer requirements of the lawn and anticipates seasonal problems, such as weeds or grubs, that the lawn will likely face.  Then we set up a calendar for applying control materials and fertilizer. With an annual program, First Rate is sure to put down the right product at the right time to eliminate problems, as well as build the thickness, density, and health of the turf with proper nutrition. 

This planned approach to maintenance enhances the lawn to ward off invasion from weeds and other pests and their eventual destruction of the lawn.   Once the lawn is built up with an annual program, its dense growth and deep, sturdy roots will feel like a carpet under your feet.


Specializing in green and clean