Professional Quality Groundskeeping

Our Story


We are committed to excellence and professionally we are a full-service landscaping service, serving the Triangle area.  We provide a wide variety of services.

For years First Rate lawn service has been maintaining all different types of properties from Residential & Commercial. It is the belief of first rate lawn service that this is the most exciting time in the history of landscaping.

A healthy well maintained lawn provides truly marvelous environmental benefits which can be seen in the way a green growing lawn contributes to the world around it. An important issue facing us today is how we treat the environment in which we live. Today's actions are our legacy for the generations that follow. Indeed, everyone is involved in some way in the great debate over the future of our planet. Great debates are often conducted emotionally, and, unfortunately, emotions all too often crowds out logic, understanding, and clear thinking in an issue as important as the protection of our environment. We all must become better informed and educated. That is why at First Rate Lawn SVC our people attend trade shows, seminars, classes, and lectures. It is the intent of our company to provide our customer with the best professional personalized service possible. One point of contention is frequently  raised about lawns: Their impact on the environment. Are lawns harmful? Should you feel guilty for having one and spending resources such as water on it? Do the fertilizer and pesticides you apply damage the environment? The truth is, a well-tended lawn not only looks good, it's good for the environment.